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We have set up a charity in memory of Jessica. Jessica was passionate about playing rugby and watching football. We want to encourage children new to a sport or support children already enthusiastic about sport.

Jessica was a keen sports woman and loved the competition of playing in matches, the camaraderie and friendship of playing as part of a team.

In raising funds for Jessica’s Promise we hope to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for all children and young people through encouraging children in sport, as Jessica got so much enjoyment through her sporting achievements we thought what better way to honour Jessica’s memory.

Our Co-Founders

In 2023 we hosted a charity event in Jessicas’ name to celebrate her 21st birthday. We were surprised by the great success of the event, raising £7000 for two local charities. We wanted another way to keep Jessicas name alive and to have a positive impact on our local community. This inspired us to create our own charity and so Jessicas promise was born.

Sarah Pardo-Alvarez
Jessicas’ Mother

Carlos Pardo-Alvarez
Jessicas’ Father

Thomas Pardo-Alvarez
Jessicas’ Brother